Demo Disabled Features

The features on the right side of the view settings bar have been disabled in the demo as they are tied to each individual user setting. However, please scroll down and you can see a highlight of each feature.

Set Filters (Button)

Set Filters allows you to set different filtering criteria. You can set some of these filters from the main orders page, but generally one at a time. The Set Filters option allows you to set multiple filters at the same time:

Show Demo and Inactive Accounts

In the Broker Accounts page, we allow you to specify whether an account is demo or inactive. Those are not shown by default and this feature allows them to be seen.

Show Maintenance

Maintenance fees are generally line items that occur as other fees or transactions. They can be swap, deposits and transactions of that nature.

Show Paging

Instead of having a long list of single page orders, Show Paging allows you to truncate the orders into pages. You will see the page numbers on the bottom right. You can also specify how large you want each page to be if choosing this option.

Hide Chart and Table

If you don't want to see the chart or table, you can use the Hide Chart or Hide Table feature to make them disappear.